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At Niblock personal training a personal fitness trainer will work with you on a one to one basis to create and monitor an exercise regimen tailored to your own goals. There are many advantages to using a personal trainer:
  • Maintaining Health
  • Weight loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training for a specific event.
A good personal trainer should be experienced and certified and ready to listen and adapt to your fitness history, ambition and exercise worries.
Reviewing your training
Personal trainer will be an effective way to get motivated about sticking to an exercise schedule. As well as creating your workout schedule, your personal fitness trainer will monitor your progress and let you know how you are progressing toward your goals. If you make excuses not to exercise, the presence and monitoring of a personal trainer may make it more difficult to avoid exercising on a regular basis.
Personal trainers will educate you about how to exercise efficiently and what activities and intensity levels are appropriate for you. A trainer will also discuss your medical history and present health condition. We can monitor your execution of these exercises to make sure you're performing them effectively.
Individual Tailoring
Your personal trainer will create an exercise plan which is specific to your personal medical history and heath goals. We can make sure you don't attempt any common exercises or exercise forms which are inappropriate or dangerous for you -- and adapt exercises and workouts to accommodate an existing injury or disability. Personal trainers can play an important part in recovery and rehabilitation.
Physical Safety
If you are new to regular exercise, or if you have a health condition which may be exacerbated by exercise, the presence of a personal trainer can help ensure your personal safety while you're working out.

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