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Banbridge Running Club

As a Personal Trainer i have seen my fair share of injuries, fit years and not so fit years in all types of people, I have found that by starting a small running club in Banbridge which caters for all types of runners from:
  • Novice
  • Not Fit
  • Fit
  • Very fit and experienced runners

It has allowed our goals to be met so much more progressively.  Running when performed correctly has a dramatic effect on not only our physique but also attitudes and overall well being.  We at Niblock Personal Training Banbridge take a run out on Thursday Evening at 19.30pm and together as a group we urge each other on, some evenings we have strong runners and on other evenings we are but a fast walk, this is the beauty of a small group gathering together to develop as one!
We try to run on the main foot paths, some gentle hills and public walking routes, all of which at different times of year offer spectacular views and great discussion points whilst on route.  Combined with the group mood we choose the pace and route we run on an evening basis.
Please come down at your leisure and join us, it is genuinely a great way to give your body a boost and start that metabolism ticking again.

John Niblock


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